Giving you time back in your day.

We manage everything from your inbox noise to communications and travel logistics.

Behind every inspirational Executive, is an invaluable Executive Assistant



Welcome to MEA, a high-touch, boutique-style virtual Executive Assistant company dedicated to supporting CEOs and their executive teams in their unwavering pursuit of success.



There are endless ways we provide support and it all begins with solving pain points in your day-to-day operations. Start by letting us handle the administrative tasks that consume your time and energy.



No two clients are the same but all our clients have the same goal in mind—entrust their virtual EA to manage all aspects of administration while they remain focused in their strength zone.

That is where we shine!

Hear It From Other CEOs

Caryn is a nice balance between structure and flexibility, which matches my values and work style. I knew she’d be a good addition to my team and helpful to myself as CEO of a small biz.

—Lisa HR.

Caryn has freed up some of my time that was previous ‘busy work’ and brought a lot of efficiency to my day. She has a great attitude and I enjoy working with her.

—Alex M.

Caryn has a high level of integrity to keep all areas required confidential and private. She is very good at resolving situations on the go, anticipates what can happen and seems to come up with a plan B with short notice. Caryn has a positive outlook on life and is a pleasure to work with.

—Betty Y.