Hey Calgary Execs, it's time to outsource admin!

Wondering what to do with all those admin tasks that keep you chained to your desk? Are you feeling swamped with email, travel bookings, and event logistics? Want to get out from under those dreaded expense reports and that never-ending task list?

We have the solution—outsource all your
admin tasks to MEA and get time back in your day.

Exec with too much paperwork

Supporting You & Your Team

Our EAs are passionate about what they do and come with a ten-year proven track record of supporting C-Suite executives and their teams both in-office and virtually… YES, admin can be done remotely.


  1. Schedule an in-person visit at your office.
  2. Create your own unique MEA Movement Plan
  3. Onboard with your new executive admin team

Not ready to fully outsource but could really use the help – contact MEA, no project is too big or too small – we are always happy to assist.

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